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The themes and images on these pages are free for use as twitter backgrounds.
Click on a thumbnail of the backround you would like to get and then download the file to your hard drive or use an auto install feature which will post the selected background to your twitter profile.

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Mar 31, 2010
Mar 31, 2010
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Mar 31, 2010
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Mar 18, 2010

Twitter Backgrounds

It is a well-known fact that Twitter is one of the most popular social networking websites and it is very powerful in promoting your ideas or products. Now you understand how important the way you customize your Twitter page is! Either you make a good impression with your Twitter background, or you turn your potential followers away with a boring standard background.

There are some ways of creating backgrounds at your choice.

1) Use free backgrounds. Twitter offers the default blue background, which all of you know, right? I don't assume it is a bad design, but it keeps you staying in the crowd, as millions of Twitter users have the same backgrounds. Besides generic background, Twitter also offers 12 stock backgrounds with various colors, which you can modify, along with the colors of the text, links and sidebar. It is easy to do, just enter "Settings" menu.

Still, using standard backgrounds can tell that you're not an active user, or you might even be a spammer. Finally, that shows you're lazy. And in case you're promoting your company or service, you'd better use custom Twitter backgrounds.

2) Download free Twitter backgrounds from various websites, just look for them with the help of searching engines. Look through backgrounds gallery, hot Twitter backgrounds, themes, there should be a lot. You can also find Twitter Marine Corps backgrounds, patriotic backgrounds for Twitter, etc.

3) Create custom backgrounds. This will add uniqueness to your profile, and make your brand outstanding, thus bringing you more followers. Having a bit of imagination and skills, you can create backgrounds reflecting your company style and your image.

Still, there are two ways of creating custom Twitter backgrounds. You can design Twitter backgrounds yourself, by using Twitter background template, which lets you add links, upload photos, logos, bio about yourself. Twitter Template Designer also lets you promote your Twitter profile through the Internet. So, the first way is to create a free custom Twitter background. If you're a Photoshop genius, you can make really cool backgrounds. But if not, you can as well upload a nice photo you've taken. Be careful with Twitter background dimensions, so that your text and sidebar wouldn't merge on low resolution monitors.

Sometimes backgrounds can tell about what you do more than words. Custom Twitter background is a good way to let people know which company you represent. Twitter backgrounds can induce people to follow you or turn them away. If you don't care enough to customize your background, it tells people that you're probably not worth following. That might be a great loss if you're promoting your company or blog. Use it or lose it!

Why not thinking about involving experts in customizing your Twitter backgrounds? For just $9.99 you will get a professionally customized background. Just choose the one you want. But if you prefer it to be absolutely unique, we can make it for you for $79.99. By choosing your background you are choosing your Future!